Mini Sumo Robot Competition

The Ring

Competitors compete in a 77 centimeter diameter ring with a 2.5 centimeter wide white line to indicate the edge of the ring.

The Objective

The goal of the competition is to be the first to push the opponent off the ring.

The Specifications

Robots must be fully autonomous, must be 10 centimeters or less long and wide with an unlimited height, and weigh 500 grams or less.

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Yoko Zoom Bot Design

Two design philosophies one winner

First Design Philosophy

Our first design philosophy revolved around an extremely aggressive robot that aimed to push out the opponent before following suite and falling off after. Being super-fast and aggressive, put us at an extremely entertaining style of play, but left us with much to be desired.

Second Design Philosophy - Main Robot Design

With being left with more to be desired we decided to make a robot that was very unique. During our research on robot designs, we found a robot called “Huggy Bear” created by Dale’s Homemade Robots. From this inspiration we designed a robot emulating his design of the rolling arms and put our own spin and creativity into it.

With “Huggy Bear” being our inspiration, we are proud to present our robot Yoko Zoom Bot

Yoko Zoom Bot is a unique robot that takes advantage of the unlimited height rule and equips itself with paint roller arms to pick up the opponent, and uses the state of the art ST Time-of-Flight sensors to detect the opposing robot.

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