Hardware & Sensors

Block Diagram

The following is a block diagram of our final design:

UFX Block Diagram


Fairchild silicon Infrared  Phototransistor(QSD122)

The phototransistors in our design are used to check for the presence of potential candles, but cannot differentiate between a real candle and a decoy.

IR Sensor


Temperature Sensor


Infrared Red Thermometer (MLX90615)

After performing the phototransistor array detection  to locate a possible flame, a secondary test will be performed using the temperature sensor. This sensor is able to detect gradual temperature changes over time, which will tell the robot whether or not the flame is real.

temp sensor


Distance Sensor

GP2Y0A710K0F –

Distance range 20- 550cm combined

The distance sensors are used extensively in our design for navigation. These sensors tell the robot when it is about to hit an object, when it has located a door, whether or not it is parallel to the wall,  and how far away it is from the wall.

IR Distance Sensor