The Contest

The Micro Fire X robot will be competing in a fire extinguishing competition against two other teams. This competition will consist of three rounds:

Round 1: Find the fire and extinguish it as fast as possible without spraying any of the decoys. Remember the location of the flame for the next round.

Round 2: The fire will be in the same location as in the previous round and the robot will find the candle and extinguish it a second time. This time around, it will take advantage of its knowledge of the location of the flame to find the flame faster.

Round 3: In this round, the robot will compete with the other two robots at the same time to see which one can find the flame the quickest. The robots will be allowed to use whatever method they please to sabotage the other teams’ robots, such as crashing into the other robots, spraying water on them, or implementing techniques to confuse the sensors on the other robots.


The Rules: 

  1. The robot cannot spray any of the decoys. If a decoy is sprayed, the robot automatically loses the round.
  2. The flame must be extinguished using no more than 100mL of water
  3. The robot must navigate the course on its own. It cannot get any help from anyone on the team.
  4. All robots must be built on a $750 budget.


The course: The robots will have to navigate through a hallway and one room with a console in the center as shown in the image below:

Mapping layout2 (1)