Square Up robotics is a robotics team created to compete in the SDSU Mini-sumo competition for the Spring 2018 semester.

A mini sumo robot competition consists of two miniature robots that will attempt to autonomously push the other robot out of the ring. Each bot is restricted to weigh no more than 500g and cover a volume with a length and width of 10cm with no height restrictions. In our instance, our robot will use line sensors to detect boundaries, distance sensors to scan for and locate opponents, and four 12V motors to maneuver about the arena. All of this is designed around a single PIC32 microcontroller.

Our design philosophy envisions an agile bot that sticks to the tried and true: a classic bot design with a wedge used for traction disruption of the opponent. In essense, our design prioritizes head-on push battles in which it will shine with it's superior torque. However, for opponents that we can't overpower through brute force, we are prepared with alternative algorithms that make use of it's speed to outsmart and outplay.

Throughout the year, our design has changed a lot. Although our design originally incorporated a two-tier circuit (one for logic, power regulation, and line sensors and one for motor and IR sensor network), we decided to go with a main board for the logic, power regulation, and sensor network and two driver boards that hosts the driver logic and motor outputs. These driver boards plug into the main board vertically, giving it a more favorable gravity while saving space on the sides.